A new partnership with UniHomes connects 2,000+ Sheffield students to Pine Media’s full-fibre broadband this year

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with UniHomes – this year, we will connect over 2000 students in Sheffield to our lightning-fast Full-Fibre broadband.

Homes to benefit from free, full-fibre broadband in a pilot scheme to tackle ‘digital exclusion’

Hundreds of homes in Southey Green will soon be able to access Pine Media’s full-fibre broadband for free, as part of a pilot scheme to help improve digital inclusion. Video Source – BBC News Read more

Gigabit build for Pine Media HQ

We recently moved offices Our broadband options were 6Mb ADSL, or an expensive leased line and a 60-day wait… So what did we do…? We built! Now an additional 140 city-centre premises have access to our Full-Fibre, and we can get back to work at Gigabit speeds

Introducing new 10Gb services

We have recently launched new 5Gb and 10Gb business services which are available in the growing number of locations across South Yorkshire where we have installed our own Dark Fibre. This includes almost all of our GIG areas and on-net business parks. Our leased lines and EoFTTP services can be purchased through IT companies / […]

7,600+ Sheffield flats are now ready for FTTP!

Alongside our rollout to houses all across Sheffield, we have also been busy connecting flats/apartments (MDUs), which are often trickier to connect due to complex wayleave and internal cabling requirements. Today we have just passed 7,600 flats/apartments in Sheffield with our Full-Fibre network! 🚀 If you have one of these (usually located in a utility […]

Introducing our ‘Full House’ WiFi add-on

For some time, customers subscribing to our GIG (our network) and GLO (Openreach) services above 100Mb have received a Plume Superpod as their WiFi router. One of the big advantages of Superpods is their ability to easily form mesh networks, extending WiFi range across larger homes. We provide additional Superpods at £8/mth each. Today we […]

Rural Full Fibre For All

We are connecting some of the most rural communities in South Yorkshire & Derbyshire with the assistance of local farmers and contractors. Using a combination of mole plough, excavation and poles we are ensuring no home or business is left behind!

FTTP for Oughtibridge & Wharncliffe Side

We are excited to announce we will be extending our rural Full Fibre build to a further 2,400 homes and businesses in Oughtibridge and Wharncliffe Side – view pricing and secure discounted installation by placing a pre-order at www.pinemedia.net!

Sheffield City Centre FTTP Expansion

Our own FTTP service currently reaches 8,278 premises within Sheffield’s City Centre, delivering Gigabit (1,000Mb/s) speeds where often the only alternative is ADSL (a maximum of 24Mb/s). Partnerships with landlords and managing agents across the City have allowed us to retrofit fibre to blocks of flats and commercial buildings, ensuring tenants have access to future-poof […]

26k Sheffield premises now served by our FTTP!

We now have the largest full fibre coverage in Sheffield! 26,000 homes and businesses have access to our brand new FTTP services, delivering ultra-fast speeds and incredible value. Our recent partnership with build contractor Fibre Tec Solutions is set to accelerate our rollout to a further 8,000 premises within the next six months