For some time, customers subscribing to our GIG (our network) and GLO (Openreach) services above 100Mb have received a Plume Superpod as their WiFi router.

One of the big advantages of Superpods is their ability to easily form mesh networks, extending WiFi range across larger homes. We provide additional Superpods at £8/mth each.

Today we are launching our ‘Full House’ add-on to guarantee WiFi coverage in every room, ensuring customers get the best value out of their full-fibre connection and peace of mind that they won’t be left with not-spots.

This optional add-on costs £12/mth and includes up to three additional Superpods, allowing us to guarantee WiFi coverage in every room (with speeds of at least 10Mb) or £100 back. Our friendly support team are available to help diagnose and remedy WiFi issues, armed with Plume’s advanced support data.

Plume ‘Full House’ Guarantee includes two Superpods. A futher two additional Superpods may be requested if WiFi signal does not reach all rooms. The guarantee only covers your main dwelling, not outbuildings, gardens or sheds. If a signal still does not reach all rooms we will credit your account with £100.